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Monday, January 02, 2006
Starting Off My Vacation With A Bang
Being the low guy on the totem pole in my medical group, I didn't get to take my winter vacation until this week. I'm planning on being pretty low key - spending time with my wife and baby son, going to the dentist, getting new glasses, taking the car in for service, painting a room in the house, getting some new bedroom furniture, etc.

A couple of months back, my buddy Doctor Bean had invited me to join him for some target practice at the local firing range. We had talked about gun ownership in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katina government debacle and I had expressed my fears that we would not be able to rely on the government for security in the aftermath of a major natural disaster (like the expected Big One -earthquake- here in Los Angeles). Always eager to recruit new members to the NRA, Bean was kind enough to suggest that we go shootin' so I could try the cold steel feel of a Glock for myself.

After a twenty minute session on basic handgun safety in the Bean dining room, we proceeded to head down to the firing range. Of course we called ahead to confirm that they would be open on "New Year's Day Observed." We got there, signed the necessary release forms stating that we didn't hold the range liable if we got shot, and bought two hundred rounds of 9 mm ammo to blast away. Here is a picture of me in shootin' pose:

Bean also shot away, and I must admit he was a much better shot than I (experience, experience)...

As he was shootin' away, I began to notice something strange happening to his neck. An odd transformation unfolded before my very eyes. At first there was just a hint of a flush. Then it began to coalesce, and a pink hue developed. After he fired a few more rounds, it finally happened. Doctor Bean had transformed into a redneck before my very eyes! I couldn't believe it (and you probably don't either) but the act of shootin' a gun at a firing range transformed that mild-mannered, easy-going internist into a living, breathing redneck! See for yourself:

Ha! Bottom line - it was a lot of fun. Not quite sure if I will get my own weapon, but it was a great way to start my low-key vacation off with a bang. I'll try to post some more of the goings-on as they come up!

Geeez, a Jewish redneck! I don't think I've ever met one before. And, might I add Wanderer, you have a lovely head of hair! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I'm buying a banjo and some moonshine next.

I was on the Yeshiva University Riflery Team in College (still have the jacket).

You haven't lived until you've been with a bunch of scared Jewish kids carrying a bag of rifles in the middle of the night into the Jamaica Armory and hoping you won't get mugged from the van to the door.
Hi Cruisin' Mom - you like my hair - thanks! I grew it all myself!

Bean - how about a cob pipe?!?

PT- interesting thing is that the firing range is not in the best of neighborhoods. Heavy security going in, but once inside its pretty low key and feels safe (especially when you're holding a gun, but then again, so is everyone else!)
The dining room safety speech? The same firing range? Bean, I feel two-timed.

That firing range is LOUD. Louder than the one I went to in Ramat Gan, called "Ramat Gun." Seriously.
Ralphie: I meant to tell you that I think we should start shooting with other people. I know it's going to be hard for you to hear, and I want us still to be friends.

I just hate that you had to find out about it on the web. :)
hey, it finally showed! Wanderer, just in case anyone else asks, this page only shows up if i have it maximized. Maybe it's a glitch in IE that doesn't happen with other browsers.

Anyway, glad you had a good time. If you're ever in the midwest, I'd be pleased to put all manner fo firearms in your hand to shoot.
Why the scales at the lower right-hand corner?
Ralphie - Hi! No worries, you guys can still go to NRA conventions together and continue to play with your Reagan and Bush action figures!

og - I actually shot an M-16 rifle before as well - quite different from shooting a handgun! Both were fun. Glad you were able to stop by - is that a "Hillary in 2008" bumper sticker I see on your Prius now?!?

Ayelet - Scales are supposed to represent trying to keep the posts here balanced, and probably more importantly - my committment to social justice. Truth is I'm still not happy with some of the graphic elements of this blog, and they will probably be gone soon!
Don't look at my prius, you perv.

I would LOVE to see the cankled basilisk win the 08 election. Just because I think I know fifteen guys who would line up to be suicide bombers.
And after you shoot up Og's car, you're welcome to swing nortwest up to Milwaukee and we can play video games together!
LOL! Psycho, you've obviously never SEEN my car. Nor seen me drive. Anyone who shoots at my car, their next stop is a stainless table.
"Lighten up, Francis." (name the movie the quote comes from and I'll Paypal you an AK-47!)
A Bug's Life?
Nice try PT. Any other guesses? I'll give you a hint: "That's the fact, Jack!"
Excellent - Stripes it is, and one of my all time favorite scenes when they're all sitting around introducing themselves to each other with Sergeant Hulka.

Og's post and link to his car with the machine guns (and his calling you Psycho for short) just jogged my memory and I thought of Francis/Psycho from that scene.

Now, would you like a Chinese AK-47 Paypalled or a Russian one (also known as a Kalshnikov)? Word has it that the Russian version is better. If Og's still around, maybe he can confirm?
The chinese make junk. The kalishnikov is a good rifle.
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